Acera 360˚ Video Tour

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Acera School 6th Grade Final Reflection Entry


In Kai and I’s 360 tour the project started off as a simple project with a 360 camera and a tripod or monopod to hold the camera. Then it became the Ricoh Theta S with a tripod or monopod. When we looked further into the Ricoh Theta S and found that the resolution of the video was much worse than the Samsung Gear 360. Then we purchased the camera, Samsung Gear 360, and noticed that the camera was too shaky when it was on a monopod. After that we tried using a cart with a tripod on it and moving the cart; we noticed this cart was too shaky. Kai and I found another better and smoother cart then tried that cart and decided to use that new cart. When we tried filming a tour we found that the audio can be very quiet at times. Then Kai and I tried using the external microphone we found that this fixed the problem. Some next steps could be to have wireless microphones and some sort of rig which can be remotely controlled like a drone or remote controlled car.

IMP Project Pre-Proposal:

October 12, 2016

Kunal and Kai

Our project will help prospective families to see what the Acera building is about, without needing to drive all the way to the school. We can do this by documenting the entire school in 360° video. We propose that the school get a 360° degree camera like the ALLie 360° camera. Also, the teachers will not need to show the students around as they will already know, for example, where everything is, where their classroom is, and the layout of the classroom with the tour. Some benefits of having a 360° camera are, for example, so students can take a better tour because it is harder to see when someone is just panning the camera around. Also, we could live stream events, like the Innovator Symposium, Museum Walk, Back to school night, and others! The cost for this camera is $399.

Kunal Botla

Kunal Botla

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