Hi! I’m Kunal Botla; a student, designer, photographer, transit advocate, activist, and more.

I’m currently making projects in studio at NuVu Innovation School (Cambridge, MA, 2021-2023), taking photos digitally (since 2013) and on film (since 2022).

I’m a member and the MBTA liaison of the Lexington Transportation Advisory Committee (Lexington, MA, since 2022), a member of TransitMatters (Boston, MA, since 2022), and the creator of Lexington Transit.

I founded Project Boom over the pandemic to provide students without access to a computer with one, we’re currently making our resources and tools public so others can do the same.

I was a Massachusetts Democratic Convention Delegate (2022), Sonia Chang-Díaz for Governor advocate (2021-2022) and active in progressive politics. Register to vote at vote.gov.

I’m also a member of the Hack Club community, on Slack (@kunal), organizing events in the Boston area, running Bank, and at events like Zephyr and Assemble.