I'm currently rebuilding my site and don't have anything for here for a bit. you can still find things about me in various places. you can find me on github at github/kunalbotla, on twitter at twitter/kunalbotla, instagram at instagram/kunal.botla, linkedin at linkedin/kunalbotla, or by email at kunal@kunalbotla.com.

a few of my websites are still up. projects.kunalbotla.com still has my projects hosted there. info.kunalbotla.com should be back soon with all the old websites redirected to their replacement.

projectboom.org is online as always.

note: cv.kunalbotla.com is moving to info.kunalbotla.com.

I hope one of these options can work for finding what you're looking for. please don't hesitate to reach out to me.

thanks! Kunal Botla

founder @ Project Boom. student @ Lexington High School. alum @ Acera School.

published 2021-02-19T06:24:50Z