Kunal Botla

Hey, I’m the founder of Project Boom, an operations & engineering team member of Hack Club Bank, member of the Hack Club community, a student at NuVu Studio in Cambridge, and an alum of Acera School, along with various other things. I'm passionate about technology; especially financially and functionally accessible technology, and I occasionally take photos.

Hack Club Bank is the platform for students to make ideas real. Events and nonprofit projects across the world are hosted on Bank. Get started at hackclub.com/bank.

Please reach out to me if you're intersted in talking! I love hearing from others and working on projects together. Take a look at my standing invitation.

This website is my primary digital presence and links to all my other major ones.

This website is continuously a work-in-progress and will be continually updated.

Twitter @kunalbotla
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Instagram @kunal.botla
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Polywork @kunal
Email hello@kunalbotla.com

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