NuVu Innovation School is a full time design studio based high school in Central Square, Cambridge, Massachusetts.

I’ve been attending NuVu since 2021, and I’m currently a senior in the class of 2023. I came to NuVu from Lexington High School, after attending my first two years of high school there, looking for a hands-on, project-based education.

My work ranging from architecture, to fashion design, and beyond can be found on the my profile on the NuVu Cambridge platform; I’ve been featured in the newsletter.

They include Re-Entry Housing, a design of a community for people who were formerly incarcerated––in Oakland, California, in collaboration with the city and the Ahimsa Collective, TheraPlay, a set of materials for children five and older to better communicate and understand their emotions, Resonance, a piece designed for Boston Fashion Week based on movement, a building creating a suburban, family centric community with green space, Designing for Greenery to solve for the ongoing housing crisis in the Boston area, and a set of instruments with Innovative Busking.