Innovative Busking1, created and inspired by fusions of existing instruments, is a collection of instruments. The goal of the instruments is to create a set that works well together and can be used to play basic compositions.

Most instruments are very similar in their design and interface; Innovating Busking seeks to change the status quo. Through a set of iterations and exploration, Innovating Busking creates an easy to learn set of instruments with a simple interference. The Electric Kalimba is a large kalimba with a digital output. Sounds from the instrument are a lower pitch than a standard kalimba and are made into digital audio through a contact microphone. The B-Bender is a single string guitar with the ability to play three notes. The 808 drum uses a spring-like action to create a drum-like sound from the contact of two wood faces. With three keys, it creates variation through the keys itself and the pressure applied when playing. By having a bender mechanism embedded into the chamber of the guitar, changing the tension and length of the string creates three different notes. Innovating Busking creates novel instruments for people to start their musical experience.

  1. By Kunal Botla 23, Ben Litvak-Hinenzon (Beaver Country Day School) 23, and Nate Besthoff 24. Instrumentarium, Spring 2022, NuVu Innovation School. &nbsp ↩︎