Luminal1 is an interactive and adaptive light installation that takes inspiration from joyous moments and childhood. Luminal can be used and perceived as a reset while bringing more attention to underutilized spaces. It also focuses on bringing more attention to areas that are passed through constantly to encourage people to slow down and stay in the moment.

Luminal is created by a collection of simple 3-dimensional shapes hung from the ceiling so that viewers are able to pass under the installation, offering a wondrous effect. The collection of velum tubes has strings of programmed LED lights that brighten with color after sensing people walking underneath. This creates compelling visuals and to transform the hallway, and makes the space feel more alive. The heavy-weight paper material also diffuses the light for a smoother and calmer experience.

This installation is specifically made for the NuVu studio space, placed in a frequently passed-through hallway. However, if wanting to expand the project, the possibility of placing these in public locations and tunnels could add a visual, calming experience when on your daily commute to work or traveling from place to place.

More photos are available here.

Thank you to NuVu for allowing us to install this at our Cambridge site.

  1. By Kunal Botla 23 and Lalita Bellach 24. Open Innovation, Fall 2022, NuVu Innovation School. &nbsp ↩︎