Resonance @ Boston Fashion Week1 created a single runway-ready wearable piece to be presented at Boston Fashion Week’s SMART clothing show in collaboration with Cambridge Science Festival. The piece was inspired by the movement of the human body in relation to music, and creating an intimate experience between performers and the audience of a dance.

The piece for Boston Fashion Week took work from previous versions of Resonance and Unravel, the dance that inspired it.

  1. Revitalized By Kunal Botla 23 and Will Fosnot 25. Previously including Miriam Lourie 22, Luca Rudenstine 22, Faith Field 22, Declan McEnerney 22, Kunal Botla 23, Will Fosnot 25, Sasha Hill 25. Health Sense, Fall 2022; Open Innovation, Fall 2021; Embodied Architecture, Fall 2021; When Movement Creates Environment, Fall 2021; NuVu Innovation School. &nbsp ↩︎